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Influential Furniture Designers

There may not be proper record of the actual appearance of furniture in the world’s history yet there are clear mentions of specialists and artistic designs that have taken place that have surged both in value and aesthetics. It is in the 20th century that furniture became not just a piece of item that were kept when need arose, but were being artistically and uniquely designed to fit into the lifestyle of the people. The furniture in this era were now being placed for making it a form of art so as to boost demand and inspire people to create their own furniture art. The designers naturally possessed architectural ideas that fitted in tune with that of the social and economic environment of the society.

There were few pioneers in furniture design whose names were iconic as they took this art to people from all walks of life. Their creations were indeed wonderful and bold and their styles were both affordable price wise to highly expensive furniture. Among the most notable names are those that are given below.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Started his career as an architect and soon developed an inclination for designing and thereafter joined Adler and Sullivan. Later on he started his own business and gave rise to iconic organic style furniture. He developed his styles from innovative projects in architecture inspired by Larkin Building and Unity Temple. He combined both interior and exterior designs to make unique furniture that were mostly inspired by architectural buildings around him. He is seen to be one of the greatest of American architects. (1867-1959)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was a Scottish designer and is said to be authority and representative of Glasgow School of Art. He is well known for his simple style and design works and refrained from high gaudy styles and patterns that were intricate and messy. He draws his inspiration from Art Nouveau and Asian Arts. He thus could make an excellent merger with both simple design and aesthetical value such that people were at once attracted towards it. His unique style made him greatly popular among European designers.

Le Corbusier

Famed architect and designer of Chandigarh in India he was equally famous in his home state as well around the world for his unique ideas and design techniques. Le Corbusier (1887-1965) also famous for his project like United Habitation in France soon entered furniture business and designing with his own distinctive styles. His company has collection of unique furniture and this included his famous lounge chairs too.

Marcel Breuer

Marcel Breuer began his career in Berlin after having graduated from Bauhaus art school in Germany. He started his own business in 1948 he designed and made his famous Wassily Chair that gave him instant recognition. Unlike heavy furniture of those days this chair was lightweight and made of smooth tubular steel which most architect designers thought to be an out of the box idea. He lived from 1902-1981.

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) was famous for her Corbusier’s chair and Grand Confort. She developed her design and was prominent in experimenting with a variety of materials for her unique furniture.

Charles and Ray Eames

The duo was well known for furniture making throughout the 50s and 70s in Unites States. They had expertise in other professions too yet they were more known for their architectural designed furniture.

Arne Jacobson

Arne Jacobson is world famous for his iconic egg shaped chairs apart from other unique design features in furniture. Arne (1902-1971) used a variety of materials and made furniture for the masses with exquisite range of lightweight stylish furniture.

Florence Knoll Bassett

Florence Knoll Bassett is a famous French designer with architectural experience. She entered furniture business with her husband Hans Knoll and helped in making a range of unique furniture for her company. She is famous for her uses in space and unique architectural shapes.

Philippe Starck

He both famous for architecture and interior design and later on started out with career in furniture designing and manufacturing. He is famous as an all rounder by developing unique designs on buildings and his work has been featured in several museums worldwide that it is a source of inspiration for many young artists.